ETS Facebook Manual Marketplace

List local. Sell more vehicles. Tap into the power of ETS Facebook Manual Marketplace.

Get More Inbound Leads

You know that getting leads via organic traffic to your website seems to take forever. And advertising is hit-or-miss, takes too long and is just too expensive.
Now there’s a better way to get more local leads at a lower cost – automatically.
  •  Engage to Sell’s Facebook Manual Marketplace is a direct replacement to the Facebook Marketplace inventory syndication which Facebook sunset in September 2021
  • Our team manually posts your vehicle inventory to Marketplace on behalf of your Facebook Business Page
  • Participating dealers have increased leads by more than 30%

Local + Direct Sales

Facebook Marketplace is the hottest lead generation source for vehicle (cars, trucks, RVs, equipment, boats, motorcycles/powersports)dealership sales.

As an authorized dealership inventory partner, we can seamlessly post your vehicle inventory to your Facebook Business Page as well as have our team manually add, update and remove listings from Facebook Marketplace.

We bring people already browsing vehicle listings directly to you.

  • Showcase information like price, model and mileage
  • Have our live agents handle your chats — or, talk directly to customers via Messenger.
  • It’s an easy way to start conversations, give directions to your dealership, drive traffic to a website or drive appointments
  • You don’t have to do anything. Customers who see your listing in a 40-mile radius simply click on the Message button to talk to you

Daily Automatic Listings

Getting started is easy. When you sign-up, we help you set up your automated feed. Within 24 hours, you’ll see your local inventory listed to your Facebook Business Page. Our team will notify you once your listings are live on Facebook Marketplace. 

  • One-time set-up and you’re ready to go – inventory data feeds updated daily, so your customers always see real-time listings

  • Find valuable local buyers to grow your business, drive more traffic and sell more cars

Get Found. List Your Inventory. Talk Directly to Customers

Let our trained staff of expert agents handle all your inbound leads and convert them into appointments.


Sign-Up and Set-up

Getting started is simple. We do all the work. Once you sign up, we’ll help you set up your automatic, daily feed via FTP. You’ll see local inventory listed within 24 hours.

Chat with Customers

Interested buyers can chat with our live agents or talk to your dealership team right from the vehicle listing via Facebook Messenger. And unlike regular chat, conversations in Messenger don’t disappear, so you can continue to follow-up in the future.

Sell More Cars

If your dealership isn’t using FB Marketplace, there’s a pretty good chance your competitors are. Connect to local audiences in a whole new way. Participating dealers have seen a >30% increase in new, inbound leads!

Change the way you think about Facebook marketing

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1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month – and it’s growing at a rate of almost 700,000 users per day
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8 billion messages a day are sent via Facebook Messenger
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800 million people in 70 countries use Facebook Marketplace for buying and selling

Automate local leads, chat with customers and move more inventory!